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Don Pezzuto Lighting is in Sacramento CA to provide Sacramento Lighting, Sacramento Electrical and if it's a electrician Sacramento needs,
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A great place for all your electrical service needs. We provide light bulbs, ballasts, diffusers, and other lighting supplies.

Sacramento Electrical Services
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Lamp & Ballast Manufacturers
Here is a list and links of some lamp & ballast manufacturers we use to help assist you in finding what you need. If you need help, give us a call 916-689-7676, and we can assist you in your search.

Fulham offers ballasts for indoor and outdoor use.  They have become one of the leading suppliers of electronic ballasts for HID and fluorescent lamps in the industry with customers in 32 countries.

Halco Lighting - Halco Lighting manufactures a complete line of lamp types designed for residential, industrial/commercial, and special lighting applications. Whether you are an Electrical Distributor, Lighting Distributor or Lighting Showroom, you will benefit from our broad selection that makes Halco your one-stop lamp supplier.

HTR-GROUP Is a government certified recycler of lamps, ballasts, batteries, and computers.  Hazardous waste lamps such as fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor, and metal halide can no longer be discharged into the trash so they recycle 100% making sure nothing is landfilled.

Howard Industries Howard Lighting Products manufactures a complete line of lamp and ballast products including HID and fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent and halogen lamps, electronic and magnetic fluorescent ballasts and HID.  They also offer a wide variety of light fixtures.

Radiant Lamp Company Provides outstanding quality light bulbs of all types including fluorescent, HID, Compact Fluorescent, and LED Lamps.  Their lamps are high in performance and long in life.  Their Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamps can be seen in schools, offices, and dental offices and provide enhanced color and quality light.  They also offer Compact Fluorescent Lamps which can save as much as 75% in energy costs compared to incandescent.

Satco Lighting - Satco offers a full line of decorative, general service, fluorescent and energy saving light bulbs. Other programs include fixtures, track light, light hardware & glassware. Plus many other specialty products.

Sunpark Electronics Manufactures Electronic Ballasts, HID Electronic Ballasts, Low Temperature Ballasts, and LED Power Supplies for commercial, and residential applications.

Technical Consumer Products (TCP) - will be the recognized leader of the development and marketing of energy efficient lighting products in the industry. This will be accomplished through superior quality products, new technology and design, continuous new product introductions for existing and new marketplaces, and unparalleled Total Customer Service.

Ushio America - USHIO America, Inc. specializes in Quartz Halogen and Special Gas Discharge lamp technology.  We manufacture and distribute a broad range of Halogen, Xenon, EmArcŪ Enhanced Metal Arc, Metal Halide, Mercury, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Specialty PAR, Sodium, Quartz-Infrared Heater, Miniature and Subminiature lamps.  These light sources are provided to a variety of industries such as architectural, audio-visual, photographic, stage, studio, theatre, television, semiconductor, printed circuit, video, graphic arts, flashlight, scientific, medical, dental, ophthalmic, automotive, aviation and marine.